Homepage Popup

Homepage Popup

Use this article to turn homepage popup on and off for both Kondallila and Kondalilla Restaurant websites.

  • All you need to do is add an image for the popup (best resized to 570px width and as JPEG format as this means the image is no larger than required by the popup’s own fixed width and will load QUICKLY! (PNG files are quite large in terms of filesize compared to JPG/JPEG and shouldn’t be used!)

  • Also you can set the external_url custom field (optional) with an absolute URL if you want a linked popup.

You can set the Publish Date for the article into the future if you want the popup to appear at that time and not before.

You can set the Expire Date for the article under Date and Time at right, and that will also tell the popup to no longer appear from that date/time onwards.

Or you can just manage the popup schedule manually by setting the article Status to Live for popup = ON (provided that Publish Date is in the past, and there is no overriding Expiry Date set that is active), and turn the Status to any other option other than Live (eg. Draft) to turn off the popup.


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