Womantime Deepening Retreat

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Womantime Deepening Retreat:


Janet McGeever

Janet works with women and couples who value their relationship and want to deepen their intimate connection without compromising or closing down physically or emotionally. An educator, speaker, psychotherapist and…


Womantime Deepening Retreat

This is for women who


  • want to deepen their intimate relationship or create the relationship they want
  • Have lost confidence in their sexuality and sensuality
  • Are tired and burnt out and want to nourish their hearts, their bodies and their soul
  • Want to find their own voice, and learn how to express it lovingly and respectfully
  • Are going through an important life transition and needing support to embark on the next phase of their life


You will


  • Learn to embody more feminine ways of being in life rather than the mechanical automatic way that closes the heart, including Tantric practices that support your body to open up.
  • learn to honour your body and deepen in the practice of authentic self-care
  • Receive support through any kind of transition you are going through in your life, whether it be work, personal, hormonal, pregnancy, birthing, the empty nest when children are leaving home, elderly parents, grandchildren arriving etc.
  • Heal your heart and body of past hurts so they can be freer in their expression of love in their relationships and life
  • be a source of wisdom and inspiration for your peers, your family, your daughters and granddaughters equipped with helpful tools and tips for care of the female body and those with sons and grandsons who have benefit from your female wisdom in how to treat women in this time of rapid change and online influences.





This is a 6-month personal online support programme for you to take at your own pace on an individual and group basis, and it includes face to face sessions and two retreats .


While each month has a theme, and specific embodiment and meditative practices will be offered and suggested, this is a journey where you can be supported where you are.

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