Womantime Retreat

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Womantime Retreat:


Janet McGeever

Janet works with women and couples who value their relationship and want to deepen their intimate connection without compromising or closing down physically or emotionally. An educator, speaker, psychotherapist and…


Womantime Retreat

The ultimate retreat, to come home to yourself, to learn, to nourish, to nurture, to replenish. Women - you are invited to (re)learn ancient knowledge that is imperative for feminine self care.

At Womantime you will learn:-

  • practices that support your nervous system
  • how to nourish and support your pelvic area which plays a fundamental part in all women's health and wellbeing.
  • Tools to both conserve and expand your feminine energy and how to use this energy to centre yourself, deal with emotions and stay in your own circle of presence in relationship.
  • How to stay open in your heart and your body while honouring your boundaries.
  • Heal your relationship to your body on a deep level.
  • To rediscover the love that you are and how to come to peace with the parts you have disowned or need reintegrating.

For women who want:-

  • Confidence and deep trust in her body
  • Knowing your body is not broken or betraying you
  • A deeper more loving connection with yourself
  • A more connected Intimate relationship
  • Pathway to pleasure that is not goal oriented but a natural by-product of your own powerful feminine presence

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