Holistic Treatments

Kinesiology, and specifically Neural Organisation Technique (NOT), aims to restore optimum function of the nervous system, resulting in immediate improvements in your health and overall energy levels. The common denominator: Muscle Monitoring is used to access imbalances or blockages in the communication between brain and body.

This technique is used for switching on the brain, muscle testing, identifying and balancing emotions, checking for levels of stress, improve hydration and offers an overall calming of the senses. Kinesiology is used to benefit a wide range of symptoms including: back and neck problems, scoliosis, menstrual and digestive disorders, headaches, injuries, allergies, emotional upsets and traumas.

While muscles move and hold bones in place, that activity is organised by the nervous (neural) system. As we develop, key survival programs are installed and effectively run by the subconscious part of our brain.  Disturbances of these programs due to trauma – either physical (such as an injury or accident), emotional or nutritional -can result in pain, less energy and what is generally called ‘stress’ or ‘ageing’.

A session maybe up to 90 mins and is conducted at Ease of Life Kinesiology, which is located 15 mins away in Kureelpa on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Kinesiology Session
5 x Kinesiology Session Package