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Local Artist's vision comes to life

Local Artist's vision comes to life


Grown from nature, the cat's claw vine harvested from around Kondalilla Eco Resort and delicately woven into the divine feminine representation of nature by Local visionary artist Glenn Kaenn.


This beautiful piece which is placed in Kondalilla Restaurant is named 'Avang', meaning Mother in traditional Gubbi Gubbi Language.  Mother Earth, Guardian, Custodian, unconditional lover of all beings.  A beacon of love with her light from within. 


Holding a crystal dragonfly in one hand to remind us to connect with our inner world and nature all around us and a selenite wand in the other producing high-frequency vibrations that promote connection.  


The Clear Crystal Quartz embedded in the root of the sculpture has an amazing purifying energy to help keep things positive and bright when placed in shared spaces and areas where people gather. 


Representing the journey and change of life as it unfolds is the Spiral. A sacred symbol that is fundamental to nature and is a powerful symbol for creation and growth. It represents the consciousness of nature beginning from it's center expanding outwardly.  


Here at Kondalilla we are blessed to be surrounded by such profound nature and the wisdom it carries with it.  We are inspired by it every moment and this art piece is here to help remind us of the beauty and significance of it all.  May this piece inspire you to connect and absorb the healing properties that nature has to offer. 


Thankyou Glenn for sharing your vision with us.